Everytime I type a paragraph on paper, I always use Enter button to divide between previous paragraph to a new one. I repeat this action multiple times until the paper is done. I know that paper without Enter can be a very long paragraph that may not interesting to read. You can write a perfect paper, but if you not put Enter between them, your paper can be a boring paper for everyone who read it.

I realized when I was young, I love eat pineapples. Everytime I saw pineapples in market or park, I will ask my mom to buy it. I never stop eating until I realized that my stomach is really bored with pineapples. Until now, I’m very rare eat pineapples and I just eat it when it served in party or event.

I remember that Enter button has a powerful action to make something in portion. I know that human beings is never satisfied with anything, but sometimes we must say enough for everything that we have get until now. Remember that a good paper is not type with full of powerful word, but from the message that it says.

A good sleep and smile is the Enter button in our life. We can do anything to make our work perfect, but without Enter button, everything will be over and everything that too over is never good to do. Stay positive and keep your Enter button work!

Daniel Hermawan – @walkandthrough


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